Not all agriculture jobs are outdoors

Are you looking to work in agriculture, but prefer the scientific side of things? Or perhaps you don’t like the outdoors and prefer the pristine environment of a lab? Then consider becoming a seed analyst. You have the opportunity to test seeds and ensure they are suitable for planting and growing ensuring great yields for farmers. Through these quality control measures, farmers are ensured that the seed they purchase will grow and deliver optimum harvests.

A day in the life of a seed analyst

A seed analyst contributes to developing seed quality by performing various tests to determine the germination, purity, viability and vigour of seed that is to be sold commercially. They analyze all kinds of seeds submitted to the laboratory so that farmers know the quality of seed which they intend to use. Seed analysts support agricultural scientists in their quest to improve and increase crop yield. This ensures that only the best seeds are available for all planting circumstances, be it a big field or a small backyard garden.

Key aspects of this job

  • Work is mostly indoors in a laboratory where you will test the quality of seed after seed production.
  • Collecting samples of seeds and fibres and analyzing them closely for any defects or impurities.
  • Caring for and maintaining lab equipment and samples to avoid contamination.
  • Application of scientific principles and routine procedures in a very disciplined manner
  • Recording and monitoring of experimental procedures and results
  • The work is performed individually
Personal attributes
  • Prefer working in a laboratory
  • Enjoy routine work using trusted methods
  • Can attend to fine details
  • Work consistently, accurately and precisely
  • Are patient
  • Have a good understanding of seed anatomy and physiology
What to study to be a Seed Analyst
Recommended Qualifications
  • BSc Biological Science
  • BSc Botany
  • BSc Horticulture
Recommended Training
  • DALRRD Seed Analyst training
  • Seed Science course (University of Pretoria, Enterprise)

With a degree in agricultural related fields, an exciting career awaits you in the seed industry. By becoming a seed analyst, you will be joining a community that ensures that seeds are suitable for planting and growing for great yields for farmers. Be sure to work very hard in school as the courses required for this profession are not easy to do, though very exciting. For more information, follow Sansor on Facebook and Instagram.