What is a seed treatment?

Seed treatment is the use of various formulations including physical, biological and chemical products applied through specific application methods to protect the seed against yield and quality reducing diseases and pests during storage and seedling development. By using treated seed, farmers no longer have to handle or prepare ag-remedies themselves, limiting the level of exposure to operators, end-users and the environment.

Labelling of treated seed

Minimum labelling requirements we need to follow are specified in the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management - Guidelines on Good Labelling Practice for Pesticides (Revised August 2015 edition) of the FAO and WHO, Section 4.14. This document forms the basis of the industry standard which SANSOR has drafted in the form of an internal Guideline for its members. The Guideline provides templates containing the applicable wording and information to be indicated on the labels attached to bags or on the containers of treated seed. The Guideline is also in line with the International Seed Federation (ISF) Guideline on the labelling of treated seed.

The purpose of this Labelling Guideline is to obtain greater uniformity, ensure full compliance and provide adequate warning with labelling and the presentation of information on all containers packaged with seed that have been treated with one or more agricultural remedies. This Guideline does not replace the requirements set out in the Act (Act 36 of 1947), and the Regulations promulgated thereunder, they are merely complementary.

SANSOR is of the opinion that only critical information should be printed on seed labels, as proposed by the seed industry. This, to keep the cost of seed to a minimum and to take the limited availability of printing space on packets sold in the retail market into consideration.

Since pre-printed packaging material is ordered in substantial volumes and well in advance, we would like to implement these new standards and requirements over a 5-year period from the adoption date thereof in April 2021.

Download Industry Guidelines Here: SANSOR Industry Guideline for the Labelling of Treated Seed.