Cultivar choices are important to ensure a maximum yield. Given excellent research in genetics and technology, seed remains one of the most important inputs to increase yields and productivity in the grain industry. It is therefore extremely important that producers select the right cultivars, evaluate price and yield potential against each other as well as do risk diversification.

Correct cultivar selections are critical for a maize producer. New technology and traits are used in breeding maize cultivars to ensure optimal growth and yield in the different climatic regions in South Africa. GrainSA and SANSOR (The South African National Seed Organization) formed a consortium with the seed companies to ensure and independent evaluation of the trials. Maize breeding seed companies planted coded trials to ensure anonymity across all regions. Data was analysed by the Agricultural Research Council.

Download Results of season 2020 – 2021 here

Download Results of season 2021 – 2022 here