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International Year of Plant Health 2020


In December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). The year serves as an opportunity to raise global awareness on how protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.

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Photo Competition


Congratulations to all our winners!

Congratulations to all the winners of the Plant Health Photo Competition

First Place: Liam Pringle

A farmer’s sunset: As the sun is setting, it waves goodbye to the plant with its perfect leaves that will be waiting for the sun’s warm rays the next day. Fresh red soil holding the small pepper plant in its place to grow to its full potential. This is the life on the farm in Schoemanskloof, Nelspruit and captured by a boy that loves this place.

Second Place: Willem van der Berg

Ears full of sun: This photo was taken near Lindley in the Eastern Free State on 13 November 2020. Wheat crops in the area were looking great after rains came on just the right time. But nothing will grow without some awesome sunny days.

Third Place: Steve Nel

Bees and Canola: Bees play a crucial role in Canola. Captured here is a bee coming to a healthy canola plant.

Zanmari Crous

Sunflower Crop Rows: A previously planted maize crop field now planted with sunflower following the min-till approach. This approach protects the top soil and prevents water damage to the crop rows.

Steve Nel

Lepidoptera damage in maize: Lepidoptera damage in Maize which is about to tassel.

Ilse Jordan

Leeks in different stages of flowering: This is really a showcase of healthy plants and good bee activity taking place.

Ilse Jordan

Fodder Radish in full bloom: full in bloom, with the sweetest smell and our famous Swartberg Mountains as backdrop was for me a picture perfect moment.

Ilse Jordan

Artichoke in bloom: Early morning bee activity on this artichoke flower, with a few raindrops from the previous night’s rain. Nature surely provide us with the most beautiful plants and flowers.

Darryl Herron

Voracious feeder: Beautiful wattle emperor moth larva feeding on the leaves of black wattle in the KZN midlands.

Nico Mienie

Vegetable seed production in the Klein Karoo: South Africa is one of the most famous countries world-wide to produce onion seed for Overseas Clients. Thereby, bees are our life-line to food security.

David Livingstone Nsibo

Earwig: This is a picture of an earwig captured coming out of its tunnel created within several kernels in a cob. This pest had caused more than 30% damage on the field from which it was identified.

Ruan Benadie

Healthy plants: My photos are more specifically focused on the pictures. As an Agronomist my intentions are for the best of agriculture, and so I wanted to show healthy plants. Very plain photos, and at the end Less is more.

Chanre Marais

Perfect duo: I took this photograph at a Demo field in Brits, NW. Lettuce planted in soil in early summer. Perfect contrast between the outer red and the crisp green on the inside.