SANSOR, the National Designated Authority for Seed Certification in South Africa, is a member-based organization.

SANSOR gets your voice heard nationally and internationally. SANSOR is a member of the International Seed Federation (ISF) and AFSTA (African Seed Trade Association) and is representing members on various platforms in the international seed industry.

SANSOR supports members in solving specific seed trade related problems and challenges by working closely with government to represent the seed industry on a national level.

SANSOR keeps members informed on regulatory changes, industry trends, phytosanitary requirements, research developments and other issues affecting the seed industry.

Services to members

SANSOR currently has:
  • 79 full members which are seed trade companies and co-operatives
  • 18 associate members providing products and services to full members
  • 3 affiliate members that are trade and technical associations
  • 4 international members
  • 2 3rd party members
  • 8 research initiates &
  • 12 Honorary members.

Services to members

SANSOR’s purpose is to represent the seed industry both locally and internationally, as well as protecting and furthering the interests of the seed trade to the benefit of its members. This mission supports our vision to establish SANSOR as the leading authority for the provision of industry-related, strategic services to the South African seed industry.

Join Now
  • SANSOR is the National Designated Authority for seed certification in South Africa.
  • Support on all phytosanitary related matters.
  • Access to skills through capacity development programmes.
  • Support on all seed trade barrier issues.
  • Remuneration surveys for members.
  • Facilitated training to ensure international and national compliance.
  • Help to understand your market through efficient stats collection systems.
  • We keep you informed to trade locally and globally.
  • Industry promotion through publications, representation and international presence.
  • We talk to government about regulatory and other trade issues on your behalf.
  • Membership of international trade associations.
  • Facilitation of free and fair participation in the international seed trade.
  • Constantly finding ways and means to improve the free movement of seed across borders, while at the same time limiting and mitigating disease risk.
  • Market access issues or limitations concerning export and import of seed.
  • We are proactively involved in industry related research.

Become a Member

Contact SANSOR to learn more about the current fee schedule at Download the application for membership here