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SANSOR has served the needs of the South African Seed Industry for 30 years. Today, we support 118-member seed companies in various ways: from maintaining local and international seed certification standards, to ensuring that seed is produced, multiplied and marketed according to legislated standards and systems.

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From intellectual property to plant breeding innovations: issues related to seed have in recent years become increasingly more complex. SANSOR's role goes beyond plant health and quality to ensure smooth trading for our members. To do this, we invest considerable resources in researching, understanding and providing solutions for current seed industry issues, to the benefit of our members.

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Seed certification ensures that only high-quality seed is supplied to farmers and other growers in South Africa and worldwide. SANSOR is the National Designated Authority to control and verify that seed was produced, inspected and graded in accordance with the requirements of the National and various International Seed Certification Schemes.

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The seed market for local and export sales of food and feed crops amounts to billions of Rands annually. Plant health is a crucial step before moving seed in and out of South Africa. SANSOR assists our members to navigate these complicated requirements to achieve successful imports and exports.

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SANSOR's purpose is to represent the seed industry members both locally and internationally, as well as protecting and furthering the interests of the seed trade to the benefit of its members. Make sure you company can be heard. Join Today!

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